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Hurley Size

We get a lot of questions about how to figure out the correct hurley size. When I was growing up the rule of thumb was "measure to your hip". But, as the game has changed, so has this rule.

Now, as the game is much faster, a smaller, lighter hurley is recommended. An easy way to measure these days is to get your child to stand with the heel of the foot on the dominant side forward in line with the toe of the other foot. Hold the hurley at full length with the toe of the hurley in line with the toe of the forward foot. With the heel of the hurley resting on the ground, your child should be able to "shake hands" with the hurley.

If a child is between sizes it's preferable to select the shorter sized hurley.

Please click on the link below for a good guide on how to measure your child correctly.


Of course, our coaches are always available each Saturday morning to help with tips and advice.


How To Measure Hurley Size


To see the difference a correct hurley size makes, have a look at these videos from one of the all time greats, Paudie Butler:

Importance of Hurley Size for Kids

More Insights into Hurley Sizing

Clare Coach, Peter Casey, also backs up this view:

Correct Hurley Sizing


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